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5 Senses Unlocked: Sight

In continuing the series on how our senses affect sex, love, and relationship; we will now discuss sight.

Love and Relationship –

You walk towards me and my heart melts. Looking at you can bring chills to my body. I look at you and immediately feel protected and comforted. Those are some of the feelings and advantages that sight provides to relationships. Addition to this, sight goes hand in hand with quality time. If one is not spending quality time with one another, it will not allow the respective relationship to grow. Just as sunlight and water are frequent items that a tree needs to grow, so is quality time and TLC to a relationship. This applies to rather it is a relationship among friends, family, or a romantic one. One must be present in the moment. Thus sight is very prevalent to the growth of love and relationships. Sight can provide a level of reassurance and confirmation with regards to the journey of love and relationship. How stable is your relationship if you can’t see the person you are in the relationship with? The groundwork will be shaky and you will be vulnerable to attacks such as infidelity and trust issues. Outside of God, how will your love towards anyone sustain let alone be created if your eyes are not able to behold them?

Sex -

Many men and women in a relationship especially during sex are visual, especially with regards to men, because we are very visual creatures. So in order for us to get turned on we need to be able to see our partner, either jack us off, or give us a blow job.

Can you recollect the last time you had sex? Can you recollect the things that visually excited you? Almost always, couples ignore the sense of sight and don’t bother trying to excite each other visually. To excite your partner visually, your first goal should be to look your best. Work out every day and do your best to get the dream physique you’ve always wanted. When you look like a perfect 10, your partner can’t help but be awed by your naked beauty. Dress up in your good looking and well-fitting underwear that accentuate your curves and avoid wearing baggy clothes that make you appear unattractive.

Use candles or lampshades that illuminate your bedroom with a soft, yellow glow. It’ll make your naked body look more radiant and beautiful. Play with the lights while making love and rearrange your bedroom so it feels more cozy and yet sexy. If you want it heighten the pleasure even more, watch porn while having sex or place a full length mirror horizontally a few inches away from your bed. By involving mirrors or porn, it’ll feel like there’s more than just the two of you having sex which can be a much bigger turn on.

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