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5 Senses Unlocked: Touch

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships; our senses have the ability to heighten certain facets of what we experience. Sometimes I wonder why or how? Which of the five senses stimulates or enhances love, sex, and relationships the most? What I want to do is take a look at each of our 5 senses and examine the benefits and joys that we acquire for each one. The first one that I will discuss is arguably my favorite of our 5 senses, and that is touch.

What is touch? Touch, as a verb; is defined by the Webster dictionary as to put your hand, fingers, etc. on someone or something. To be in contact with or to change/move something. Touch, as a noun, is defined by the Webster dictionary as a light stroke, tap, or push. The special sense by which pressure or traction exerted on the skin or mucous membrane is perceived. When you think about the experiences that you’ve had, how does or has touch been essential to your respective experience? In thinking of that question, it causes myself to look into my current and past experiences with sex, love, and relationships.

Many times, for me, it was a touch that saved the moment. It was a touch that made my day better. It was a touch that led me to an unexpected or non-inquired blessing. I honestly believe that the sense of touch is even special in the eyes of the Lord. Take for example the bible story about the woman with the issue of blood. Combined with her faith; a simple touching of Jesus’ hem healed her and made her brand new.

In taking a look at relationships, it is universal knowledge that love and sex are a big part of it. You can have a relationship without sex. It may not last long, someone may eventually cheat, but you can have a relationship without it. You can have a relationship without love. It won’t be a happy one and would not be able to sustain. However, people get themselves in relationships all the time and love ain’t nowhere to be found. You can have plenty of sexual escapades and situations, yet love and relationships are far far away. So with that being said; let’s connect love, sex, relationships, and touch.

Relationship – there are a variety of relationships that we as individuals engage in every day. Romantic, business, relationships with our family, and friendship are all different types of friendships. In business when you shake someone’s hand, it can be looked at as a sign of respect or manners. Is the handshake soft or firm? Many have said that the type of handshake you give, is a direct correlation to one’s character and mood. When it comes to friendships, relatives, and our significant others; touch in the form of a hug can provide affirmations of love and protection. Think back to a moment when you’ve had a rough day, when you was sad or depressed about something, or when you’ve been injured in some way. How did you feel when you received a hug from a love one? When you felt that gentle touch on your hands or soft touch on your shoulder, how did it make you feel? For a few seconds you felt comforted and you felt protected. Depending on the person touching you, you felt encouraged and motivated didn’t you? Many individuals if they are not touched in the form of a hug, they can question the sincerity or depth of one’s love. It is clear that regardless of the nature of one’s relationship, touch is a huge part of showing affection. We all know that with the exception of a business relationship, affection can help strengthen whichever relationship you are in.

Love – if someone loves you their touch will never harm or injury you. The touch of a love one will always provide you with confirmation, comfortability, arousal, encouragement, etc. If the touch of a loved one causes you to acquire something physically and/or emotionally negative; then the love is absent or has been tainted. Love is something that motivates various levels of touch. Love and emotions will cause a touch to send a chill or strings of warmth through one’s body. When love and touch are perfectly intertwined it take someone to another place emotionally, mentally, and physically. Think about various items you love to cook. Isn’t there a specific ingredient that can take the quality of your dish to another level? That’s what love is to sex and relationships. With the presence of love; the simple touch of one’s hand can do more than another individual’s entire body could on its best day. When love and touch are connected, two individuals can have a very transcending or highly healing moment.

Sex – now we all know you cannot have sex without some form of touching. Some part of your body is touching the other person…duh…but let us go a little deeper than that. When there is a particular degree of chemistry and love between two people, touching can take sex to a place of no return. Touch can initiate one’s sexual appetite and immediately put them in the mood. Or a specific touch can let your partner/lover know that you’re in the mood and it’s time for them to handle business. In order for touch to be effective, it has to be aligned with the rest of the skills of one’s body. What do I mean by that? Well let me break it down. If you or the person you’re sleeping with ain’t good in bed then there is no touching in the world that’s going to make the sex better. The mouth, private parts, and tongue must at the least be mediocre in skills in order for touch to make a difference and elevate the experience. Touch between two people, who are casual lovers, can take their sexual encounter to a place of high eroticism. If there is chemistry, love, or a bond between two people; Lord knows that touch can take the sex to a place beyond ecstasy that weakens the body, leaving it numb.

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