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Calm + Me = Inner Peace

***excerpt from the book Peek A Boo: My Thoughts, My Life, My Soul by Ra'Mone Marquis coming soon on March 8, 2023***

Worrying about what may happen

Causes me not to enjoy what is happening

I want to let peace wash over me

I want to relax

Wherever I am

Whoever I’m with

I want to enjoy my time there

I want to be in the moment

I fought to reduce my stress

No choice but to accept what I can’t change

I found the strength with every negative thought

Replace it with a positive one

Realizing my strength


I am strong enough to handle it

Energy is contagious

Everyday picky

Mindful of who I am allowing into my space

I want to be peaceful

I want to be positive

I want to be grateful

I can only focus on one thing at a time

Reminding myself

Focus on what I want not what I fear

Tasking myself

Giving myself the responsibility

Free myself from all doubt and fear

Clutter and chaos occupy my mind frequently

Learning every day to silence my mind

Life keeps going



Ensuring to give myself a break

I am owning who I am



This is freedom

Over thinking is like quicksand

Engage in it more

The more I’m stuck

Training my mind to be calm

It’s quick to become an outstretched hand pulling me out

Peace that passes all understanding


Retraining my mind to process life as it is

Rather as I want it

Rather as it should be

My mood is my body’s warning sign



Water, sleep, peace

Tuning into my body

Modifies my mood

Peace is essential

Discipline and inner peace

Gauges my success

Avoiding life won’t lead me to peace

To achieve a calm peaceful mind

An obligation to have a calm peaceful environment

For I can’t calm a storm

But I can calm myself.


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