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Don’t Quit: Eat or Be Eaten

In a world of eat or be eaten, how do you find someone who values the same things you value? How do you find someone one is willing to love as deep and as much as you, when there isn’t anything but the two of you? Do they say, well let’s work together to rebuild an empire or will they seek greener grass?

I was told a story years ago about a man who worked out of town from Thursday to Sunday, and he had been doing so for about twenty years. He comes one weekend early to surprise his wife only to catch her cheating on him with his best friend. He decided to abuse the man and politely take the man back to his wife and say your husband has been cheating on you with my wife. He goes home and tell his wife he only wants three things his Jeep, his VCR, and his TV. He gives her the seven million in his account, which was every penny he had at the time to avoid a messy divorce and to provide for three children they had. He requests that she is only entitled to that money and from that day forward she was to be on her own. He worked hard and focused on himself, to rebuild what had been destroyed. He amassed a net worth of $21 millions less than seven years later. So, this man could have allowed this to destroy him, but he channeled that energy into being better.

We face adversity on a daily basis and some of us use it as an excuse to say I can’t handle this. Yet, we have no idea what others are dealing with and what they manage to overcome. So, what’s stopping you? If you want something you don’t sit, wish, and hope. You plan, you execute it, and when there are setbacks you keep pushing. LISTEN! If we quit after every roadblock we would never get anywhere. So, it’s about defining who you are by taking life’s shortcomings and redefining yourself and evolving. This man could have allowed his circumstances to eat him but instead of playing the victim to his circumstance he became the ruler of his destiny. He knew he was bigger than his situation and he had something to prove to himself and solely himself, because he only had himself. In the end, he had sacrificed everything he had for the greater good of himself.

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