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Freedom Song

Just pause for a second

Close your eyes and exhale

Do you feel that

Do you hear that

It is freedom and he has a voice

It is peace and he has a song to sing

Arrested development

The caged bird let loose

Existing in a place of hope



The freedom entrances me into self-love

Captured by my skills and flaws

Marinating in my story and journey

I feel the wind beneath my wings

Souring me to my mountain tops and over my valley lows

A step with extra pep

A heartbeat with an extra beat

I move smoothly through life’s trials as if I’m walking on water

Someone’s prayers were the final glue

Mine’s were tainted with fear and shame

So it had to be someone else I knew

As smooth and pure as Africa’s water

Its rhythm transforms me into someone familiar yet unrecognizable

New birth


Soulful revolution

The stage was set

Foundation sustained

Mistakes being lessons learned

Pains diluted into Deceptacons

I can rest in solitude

Bask in strength

Bathe in confidence

Marinate in perseverance

Dance through life’s burning bush

I paused for a second

I closed my eyes and I exhaled

I felt it

I heard it

It’s my freedom and he has a voice

It is my peace and it’s singing its song.

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