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My Moon, My Heart, My Forever

***excerpt from the book Pulse, Pressure, Pleasure by Ra'Mone Marquis coming soon on March 8, 2023***

My sun, my moon, all of my stars you are

Love doesn’t care if one is ready

It has its own timeline

To it our hearts adjusted

I fell in love with someone

Who deserved my heart

Not someone to play with it

I deserve folks in my life

To make me feel happy and at peace

Both with me and themselves

From the day I met you

No other soul was worth thinking about

Every single second

My love for you multiplies

I fell in love with you

In a hopeless place

In a mysterious way

The touch of your hand

It intoxicates me

It excites you

It puts me in a frame of mind

Where things seem perfect to me

I find myself longing for your attention

Love at first sight

The thought of it

Ridiculous and funny to me

You came along and stole my heart

Because of you

My faith in HIM increased exponentially

I laugh a lot harder

Cry a lot less

Smile a lot more

Envisioning your face makes my heart race

Falling in love with you.

Makes me second guess

Why I thought being alone was better

A plan

An objective

Never stop making memories with you

If I had a dollar for

Every time I thought of you

Only one I’d have

For you never left my mind

Forever and a day

After the end of it all

When it’s all said and done

My heart does and will always belong to you.

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