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Rayda B’s Love Notes #5

***excerpt from the book Pulse, Pressure, Pleasure by Ra'Mone Marquis coming soon on March 8, 2023***

Eight billion people on earth

I only see you

I knew I loved you before we met

My love sees no barriers

It jumps hurdles

Infiltrate walls

Leaps hurdles

A home full of hope and peace

You love me deeply

I love you madly

We love each other unconditionally

Forever and always

You and me everyday

Wanting each other forever

A lot of people caught my eye

Only you caught my heart

Looking beyond what my eyes want

Loving who my heart wants

Other’s opinion null and void

My love is yours not theirs

I’ll never skip the chance to say I love you

We never skip a chance to show it

I am completely and unconditionally loved

Things come up on which we disagree

We agree to never give up

Keeping secrets

Protecting weaknesses

You smile at me and my soul dances

No matter near or far

Here, there, or anywhere

Our destination is always…love.

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