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What Makes Sex Better?

1. Love – This varies for men vs. women. For most women when they are in love they tend to give more of themselves to the male. Therefore, for the male, the sex will be better. With love being present, trust is at a higher degree. Consequently, one’s limitations will be lowered or even decreased.

2. Both have to want it – If it is not mutual, it is simply no point. If both parties do not want sex; the sex can become awkward, painful, and in many situations ejaculation/orgasm will be impossible.

3. Team work makes the dream work - Step outside your boundaries sometimes. You want to have a situation where give and take is present. Get rid of the "I don’t do that", because you want to make each other’s fantasy a reality as long as it doesn’t make the relationship uncomfortable.

4. Weed - It's a wonderful aphrodisiac herb. It enhances sensation and when u climax, all the walls come tumbling down. If you have love for the other person; staring into their eyes, being high as hell, will take the experience to a higher plain.

5. Intimacy - You need to know how to please your partner on a soul stirring level. Intimacy can be just as important for men as it is for women. A lot of people just don't know it. Some have never gotten past the basics. And some can't be taught, or won't want to change. Do you like to be hugged and kissed, have your arms and legs stroked lovingly and gently, be kissed on the neck, be hugged from behind and told how much you are loved? Do you like to just be kissed and hugged out of the blue for no reason and told "I love you"? Well, a lot of men like to have those things happen to them too. It makes them feel valued and loved; the same way you feel when it happens to you.

6. Good hygiene – Attraction would be gone. The entire mood would be ruined. No one wants to be around stank breath, bad odor from the pussy or dick area, musky body odor, etc. One must be very careful because bad odor can be the cause of infection or disease. If you smell something before the clothes come off, there’s a problem. If you smell something after the clothes come off, run like hell! However, when there is good hygiene..i.e. taste and smell…one’s senses are heightened. Ever licked on someone you were having sex with and remember how much more you wanted to partake of them, because of how much you were pleased by the taste? Ever sex the hell out of someone even more once their fragrance captivated your sense of smell?

7. A good playlist - Music can control the tempo and the mood. A lot of times when dudes are having sex they are erratic like they haven’t had any pussy before. Good music/good playlist can keep a dude mellow and help them keep a certain rhythm. So make sure you have plenty of R.Kelly, Jodeci, Maxwell, Usher, Bilal, and Trey Songz.

8. The lips – Lips and the mouth are made for more than eating food. This can be tricky most people love kissing, and there are some that do not. Kissing actually releases certain forms of euphoria throughout the body, which when done right, can positively affect one’s impairment.

9. Scenery: balconies, parking lots, outdoors, etc - Whether through modesty or just lack of imagination, purely bed-based lovemaking can be tepid and reinforces routine. Having sex in unusual places is a surefire way of spicing it up. Take a hint from Italian people, who are nothing short of imaginative in the bedroom and everywhere else. Did you know that the Italians' favorite place to have sex is on the washing machine, during the spin cycle? Followed by the garage, the shower, the lift and gym changing rooms.

10. Rain - Sex in the rain is just a nice sensation to have that cold or warm water beading down your body as you grind into your lover. It's also just erotic in the sense that you're basically saying to this person that you want them so badly, that weather be damned, you're going to have them.

11. Chemistry – You have to vibe with the person. For example, you do not want someone stepping to you that do not have the swag to get your clothes off. You have to feel them. I believe that at the first encounter with a person, you will know if the vibes are right and if you are willing to sex them. You both have to have that connection towards each other to make the sex good… can’t please a dry pussy!

12. Passion – This is when two people become one. Passion is in a league of its own. You can be so in tuned with it that all inhibitions are released. Passion makes sex better, because each lover has the power to please the other with each knowing what their ability is when they bring it to life. Passion is raw and is not ashamed of its worth. It is never wary. I think passion is downright magnetic with the right person.

13. Stamina – Women don’t like it when guys finish first. One minute men? That’s a hell no with women. Not to say that sex needs to be a marathon, but never leave the person that you screwing thinking “What the hell? That’s it?” Some of the items that can increase and/or sustain stamina are: Ginseng, Viagara, lots of fruit, along with various prescribed pills and natural supplements.

14. Taking your time - Don't rush it; explore each other with your hands, lips, and all that jazz. This will allow you to make a better connection with that person.

15. Play a little – Make them laugh every now and then. Comfort will increase; one’s guard will be brought down. Role play is a very popular way to incorporate playing and sex. It provides for unpredictability and diversity; allowing for sex to always be an experience. Redundancy can be boring.

16. Fulfillment of fantasies/variety – Everyone wants their fantasies (sexual or not) to be fulfilled. Fulfilling fantasies and ensuring that sex provides a variety, can bring a release of inhibitions with the right person. The unpredictability can bring a high level of excitement to the bedroom. Redundancy is a curse, spontaneity and unpredictability is a God send.

17. Adequate genitalia – This simply applies to the size of the dick. The bigger the dick the deeper the impact and that’s simply dependent upon size. A bigger dick heightens senses and feels better. The last thing a woman or a man wants is to have a dick inside of them but the size of the dick is not a good fit for their hole, and therefore they can’t even feel the dick or know that’s its even inside of them. Now if one has a big dick but don’t know how to use it, then that’s just a waste of a dick. Many guys think they are doing something and in actuality they are not. They think their dick game is good but they end up leaving the person they’re screwing desiring more. In many situations the width can be more important than the length, because it’ll hit the sugar walls more. With a bigger dick one can have sex in a variety of positions. Whereas, if the person is not that well endowed then their diversity is limited. Most importantly to most women, is the fact that a bigger dick can hit the G spot quicker than a smaller dick can.

18. Foreplay – When done right foreplay sets the stage for what’s to come. Consequently, when this occurs the right way, it will intensify one’s desire. Bad foreplay can completely ruin the mood. Great foreplay can actually work in a dude’s favor if their sex game needs a little improvement. One’s foreplay can be so amazing that if the sex game is a little lacking, the effects of such wouldn’t be as bad; in other words great foreplay can be a great overcompensation. However, its more popular expectation is that it will be a great opening act for the main event. It’s like the intro to a song or the preview for a movie; it heightens anticipation. If a preview for a movie comes on TV and its wack/boring, are you going to spend your money seeing that movie?

19. Sexual openness no limitation – You must appeal to the person’s curiosity. How far will this person go? How kinky are they? What are their boundaries? Do they like this? What won't they do? Ensure that there are no limitations to not just what you won’t do to please your partner, but to also ensure that you are pleased. Never get so caught up in pleasing the other person that you neglect your sexual needs/desires.

20. Liquor - Alcohol will lower inhibitions so you're more likely to enjoy the experience. You won't spend time over thinking things or worrying about consequences. You’ll just be in the moment. If you are looking to spice things up, try loosening up with a drink or two. It will simply bring down barriers that one would normally not cross. However, one must know their limits; this applies to the amount and type of alcohol consumption. There are negative effects, more so in males than in females. By drinking too much alcohol, it will cause impotence and poor performance in males. Just the right amount can do the complete opposite.

21. Communication – Everyone has their own sexual needs and desires; some are specific to just themselves. To ensure that one is sexually fulfilled as best as possible, communication is very essential. Before it, during it, and even after sex; you have to be open and honest. "I like it when you..." "I'm not comfortable with..." "I want to try..." Do you want more frequent sex, longer foreplay, a particular position? Ask for it! Don't demand it, that's unlikely to be helpful. If you have not been enjoying sex with your lover admit that you haven't been enjoying it and explain why. Don't expect the person you’re having sex with to be a mind reader.

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