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When in the midst of difficult times, the right words can help you navigate through them. Many times, we need just the right words to make us feel better. To make us have a little bit more faith, confidence, or perseverance. Certain words can remind you of who you are, that tough times won’t last forever, that you’re not alone, or it is the one thing that aids you in not giving up. There is truly life and death in the power of the tongue. In Disrupting Pain and Activating The Soul, I share a collection of affirmations and thoughts that got me through darkness and rough times. They will continue to get me through as various hurdles in life come about. I touch on various topics such as grief, stress, coming back from mistakes, faith, living in your purpose, and much more. My hope and desire is that if you need encouragement, a boost, or enrichment -  major or minor - you will find it in the pages of Disrupting Pain and Activating The Soul.  

Disrupting Pain & Activating The Soul

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