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A Mother's Love

It’s special

Often times misunderstood


It’s not perfect

Yet it is necessary


An accumulation of teaching, loving, hard work

Her love consists of passion, nurturing thoughts, anger, joy, pride



It is diverse


A protector.

This does not apply to all mothers yet the real ones

The ones where roles are taken serious

Ones where their offspring is and have been a priority

Where she’s guided by love and enhancements

Not men, guilty pleasures, or selfishness.

Selflessness guides her power

She’s a rock

At times she is the one and only

She is the alpha and omega

She’s the mother and the father

She does her best

A survivor that makes it happen

It doesn’t need to be explained

It is vastly understood

Rather she be the down ass chick for her man

Or the confidante for her children

She’s a counselor

A chef

A doctor

A teacher

A comedian

The police

Above all she’s a queen.

Even when she may not be near

A mother’s love can soothe and protect

It can guide

Be a phone call away

It can decrease anger

Increase happiness

It can get violent when need be

Out of love and protection

She loves hard

A special connection with God

When she prays something happens

Mountains move

Seeds grow

Yokes are broken

Blessings poured out of heaven

A purposeful being

At times she is the glue

There’s a bond that’s deep as the river Nile

Strong as the arms of Samson

A Mother’s Love is unique

Many are not blessed to experience it



Lost priorities

All at times have tainted or hindered a mother’s love.

I’m blessed!

I prayed for it

I grew from it

I learned from it

I was saved by it

A rollercoaster of a journey

No regrets



I’m comforted by it

I’m fed by it…figuratively and literally

I’m enhanced by it

I’m better by it ‘cause of its growth

My growth and hers

The laughter keeps a smile on my face

Love, joy, forgiveness, and confidence remains in my heart

I think of my mother’s love

I think of




Golden memories

2 peas in a pod

Being kept

I am a remix of her

I am an extension of her

I think of how proud I am of her

In spite of, I think of a love that can’t be broken

In all that I achieve

In all that we proudly may be

I am my mother’s love and she is me.

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