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Inner You, Inner Who: Strength & Resilience

WE are stronger than WE think. WE are smarter than WE think. WE are better than WE think. WE are more deserving than WE think. If we look at the anatomy of inner-strength, it’s hard to outline what it exactly entails. But one can see it in those who embody it. These people may not be very tall or physically fit, instead they might be slender and frail-looking. This inner-fortitude can take the form of compassion when dealing with an unruly child. Or kind words spoken to a worried stranger.

All too often I hear people comment on how strong other people are but do you know where inner strength comes from? It comes from hardship, it comes from living through tough times and dealing with difficulty it comes from having to cope day to day and keep going regardless. Each obstacle that you overcome makes you that much stronger than you were before.

I have seen the results in my own life where practicing the action-steps of cultivating inner-strength has greatly helped me deal with depression and lack of enthusiasm for life as well as self-doubt and a sense of overwhelm when faced with obstacles on my path. Developing inner-strength has helped save my life, in a variety of ways.

If you are able to tap into your inner strength you might find that you are abler to forgive others because you know you are only in control of your own actions and that your happiness is not dependent on others. You might feel able to take back your power and change your story. And, whilst inner strength is often tested in tragedy, it doesn’t have to be.

Renowned author, Tony Robbins, has 9 ways that one can cultivate inner strength and resilience. They are:

1. Use empowering rituals

2. Understand that your choices define your life

3. Raise your standards

4. Discover your purpose

5. Turn your “should” into “musts”

6. Let go of the past

7. Focus

8. Look to previous experiences

9. Set yourself up for success


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